Thursday, June 27, 2013

And The Mountains Echoed

"An emotional, provocative, and unforgettable novel about how we love, how we take care of one another, and how the choices we make resonate through generations."  By: Khaled Hosseini

Crimson Says:  This novel gave me an incredible insight to a culture that I've never really understood.  In all honesty I've always thought of an Afghan as a long-bearded man that lives in the desert with his wives and machine guns, and who likes to blow up Americans so he can get into Heaven.  The Afghani culture has always seemed so foreign to me that I've never thought that they're lives could be similar to mine.  I never realized that they like to play video games, write poetry, or watch soccor on TV.  Maybe it's not my fault that I think this way, with everything that has happened in the past 12 years.  But it doesn't matter where the blame comes from, the point is I now see them as people with the same feelings and hobbies as me.  I see them as a boy willing to trade his shoes for a feather just to put a smile on his sisters face.  I see them as a man putting his life on hold to take care of a friend who was an invalid.  I see all these things now after reading this touching, heartbreaking, outstanding masterpiece of a novel. 

    Crimson gives this book a 10/10

Piper Says: I loved this book, it's unlike anything I've ever read. I learned about a country and people I never really known about, and I was touched by the kindness and loyality the characters showed to their family and friends. And The Mountains Echoed is many stories combined into one book.  Each story revolves around one person, and each person is related to another character in the book.  Reading throughout this book all these different emotions sort of spark up in you.  The characters are amazing, the stories are perfectly thought of and well written, and there isn't a part you wouldn't love.  Though written more for adults, teens (ages 14 and up) should definitely give it a chance.  Not at all your usual vampire/wizard/magic/drama/teenage romance, And The Mountains Echoed is what most people would describe as Beautiful. 

                                                          Piper gives this book a 9/10

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