Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shipping Saturday

Saturday is all about the LOVE!  <3 One of our favorite days, Shipping Saturday will consist of all the couples we ship! 

Today's Couple:

Liv and John from the Caster Chronicles


Liv and John are introduced to us in the Caster Chronicles in the book Beautiful Darkness.  Mysterious and Strange, John is the "hunk" of Beautiful Darkness.  Liv, sweet, British, smart, kind of adorable very quirky, and the help at the library.  Ethan and Liv's relationship was continually rooted on by me at first.  Liv and Ethan seemed cute together and she never left his side, while Miss Lena was off being a "bad girl."  But when John and Liv's relationship is taking an unexpected turn, I, the reader, fell in love with them together immediately!  Their relationship is more hidden and private at first but I think that's what I loved best about it!  The prospect of them together was exciting and cute!  They seemed more and more perfect together, and gladly the writers (Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl) had them in a relationship in the books was awesome!  Finally a relationship you liked that the writers did too!  ;)


  1. Percy and Annabeth better be on this meme. Kisses

  2. Of course Chica! We could never forget them! <3

  3. This is a great post! Shipping Saturday is brilliant.

    1. Thank you so much! :D We really appreciate the feedback!


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