Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shipping Saturday

Today we will continue our theme posting with Shipping Saturday.  We knew we had to have a day fully devoted to talking about all the couples we ship! 
To start off the first Shipping Saturday of many to come, we want to begin with the two people that led us to being shippers.  Those two legendary chracters are: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger (to their shippers: Harmony). 
Piper Says "When I first read and watched the Harry Potter series I secretly shipped them from the start.  But I didn't tell Crimson that because she always told me that she thought Luna and Harry would have been a great couple.  I would nod and agree.  But I always loved Harry and Hermione together, I just never said anything because I thought if I told Crimson she would tell me they would be stupid together or that relationship would make no sense at all.  But I was quite mistaken.  One day (not remembering exactly when it was we first admitted it to each other) I told her that I really wanted Harry and Hermione to be a couple.  She laughed and said that she all along thought they should be in a relationship but she kept it to herself because she thought I would tell her that they would be dumb together.  We laughed at the idea of us both not telling each other in fear of what the other might think when really all along both of us always shipped HARMONY."
Harmony has always made sense to us to be a better relationship than the ones Harry and Hermione end up in.  In our minds we have it rigged that Harry and Hermione do end up together and Ron and Ginny end up with trees.  Harry and Hermione were always the ones working together to figure the problems out, they always were there for each other, and they never left each others side during all of their adventures (except The Chamber of Secrets when Hermione got petrified.  But we all know if she hadn't been she would have been in that chamber with Harry!).  Now, I could go into further discussion about how Harmony makes more sense than Hon and Garry and how it was so disappointing that they weren't happily married in the end, but Crimson currently isn't here right now and I don't want to write to much without her, also together we could write a book about how messed up we think the relationships end.  But I (Piper) must bid you goodnight for now.  Until tomorrow when Crimson and I will be writing together again, goodbye and keep shipping Harmony!

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