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One Choice
Decides Your Friends

One Choice
Defines Your Beliefs

One Choice
Determines Your Loyalties Forever

One Choice Can Transform You

Piper Says:  Honestly one of the best books I've read this summer!  Divergent kept (and keeps) me wanting more and more.  I could barely put it down and when I did I was always thinking about it.  Though it resembles the Hunger Games I found Divergent more enjoyable and I liked the characters in Divergent better.  Tris at times could be a bit hard to understand because of her being Divergent and having a lot of changes in her thoughts and behavior, I still loved her though!  There was also a part of me that felt a lot like her, and I was always relating to her.  Four is TOTALLY MY NEW BOOK BF (bbf)!  Haha! I did really love Four (if you can't tell already).  Four was really amazing I think because he wasn't the perfect hottie that everyone loves because he is so perfect!  He was imperfect like a real person, and throughout the whole book felt like a real person.  Besides all that ^^^, I noticed in the book that I found myself able to figure things out before the reader was told about them.  I didn't mind it to much because I was more focused on living in the book, which seemed very easy to do because of how well Veronica Roth wrote the book.  I loved every character in the book and what Veronica Roth did with each one was perfect.  Veronica Roth never went to far with anything, yet she never under did anything.  All in all I think the book was amazing and can't wait to read the others!  I highly recommend these books to teens 13 and up as a 2013 summer read. 

Piper rates this book: 8/10

Crimson Says: Divergent is a dystopian novel that breaks away from the standards that other books of this genre follow. However, what it is that makes the story unique is also what weakens it. Usually dystopian novels feature a totalitarian government, and is set to the backdrop of either a war, famine, disease, or an overly-populated planet.  This works well for books of this genre because it explains how things have ended up the way they are. Divergent does not really offer an explanation, which leaves its setting confusing. Another problem I had was the lack of emotion the main character Tris had towards death. (Spoiler alert) characters close to Tris die in the book, and she never expresses the appropriate reactions. Some of the deaths occurred during very intense action sequences, usually when this happens the character does not react until things have settled and they have time to reflect. This simply does not happen with Tris. Despite my issues with the book, Divergent has a good and intriguing story that kept me interested,and I look forward to reading the next one. 

Crimson rates this book 6/10

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