Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shipping Saturday
Shipping Saturday is a theme created here at Sapientia ex Libris.  We LOVE having a day devoted to our FAVORITE couples! 

Today Shipping Saturday is a bit different then what we normally do.  Instead of a book couple, our OTP is from the hit TV series NCIS. 

Or as they’re known as to the fandom

For eight seasons we have watched Tony and Ziva’s relationship grow from at first a dislike, to mutual respect, and now a best friendship.  The chemistry between the two is terrific, at the end of each episode we are always yelling at the two to get together. The past season was full of Tiva moments that left us crying, dancing, gushing, and shouting our heads off. Unfortunately, just when it looked like things were going to heat up between them, we find out the worst news. The actress who plays our favorite ninja and the bears best friend will be leaving during the next season. All we can hope for now is that the writers do us justice and give us what we deserve, what Tony and Ziva deserve.

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