Friday, August 23, 2013

A Sort Of Review

So I have read three Gallagher Girl books this week.  But I am not writing full reviews for them because that would take quite a while!  So I am writing short reviews of them now, in one post.  I will however write a review for the last book, like I did for the first two. 


Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover: This book wasn't my favorite of the series, but it still was BRILLIANT!  Yeah Zach kind of killed me in this book by breaking my heart about how many times...oh I don't know...THE WHOLE FREAKING BOOK!  Yeah I wasn't the happiest girl in the world while reading this book!  But it was still amazing and Ally Carter has yet to fail to write an amazing, brilliant, awesome, so-great-it's-my-new-favorite-series-ever, book!  I think it's very hard for authors to deliver (in my opinion) a series and have ALL the books be the best books ever and keep up with the high expectations from the readers.  But somehow Ally Carter manages to do it!  She has really written the most AMAZING teenage girl series EVER!  I know this is a series I will read and re read time after time! 



Only The Good Spy Young:  My head was literally spinning while reading this novel.  It was just full of everything!  My heart got repaired when Zach and Cammie (sort of cause they still aren't officially "Boyfriend and Girlfriend") made up!  It was a very hard book to read though.  I felt my heart pumping with during everything that was happening and I wanted to close my eyes and the book and stop reading!  It was so GOOD!  It is probably my second favorite in the series....ok scratch that, I Can't pick a favorite in the series!  But I really loved it!  The last few pages were my favorite between Zach and Cammie when he wants her to run away with him.  The scene was just beautifully written and my heart really melted.  I seriously am in love with Zach, like go ask my friend at peaceloveandfangirl!  All the action scenes in the novel were well thought of and put together.  All the mystery was suspenseful and made me think (which as I have said on countless occasions is not something I usually have to do, because I am so good at figuring mysteries out)!  Ally Carter has done it again everybody!  I can't wait to continue reading more of her work! 


Out Of Sight Out Of Time:  Ok this quick review thing might be a bit longer than the two above...just gonna let you know now.  Ok if you are my friend and really know me, then you know I don't cry.  It's not that I'm heartless (obviously because Zach managed to break mine) but I just don't really cry all that much.  BUT OMG I ACTUALLY HAD A FEW TEARS RUN DOWN MY CHEEK DURING THIS BOOK!  Now my friends I could stop this review there, because now you know how amazing it was...BECAUSE IT MADE ME CRY!  But I won't, I have too much to say!  So to begin how bout I talk about how my heart literally tore apart and I filled with so much anger towards Zach and Bex.  Now, when I say anger I mean I would have beat up Bex for being such a bitch.  And, well, Zach...let's just say if I were Cammie I would have kicked him in the balls and then started screaming at him.  But since I wasn't actually there...and they aren't actually real I took it out on myself.  I cried.  yup that's it.  I cried.  It sucked bro.  And then *SPOILER* when Cammie and Zach had their little make out scene in the secret passageway, I felt like I was walking in the clouds again.  :D Lol.  But other than all that ^^^ I totally LOVED this book!  Just like Only The Good Spy Young it had a lot of mystery (even more so than Only The Good Spy Young).  The feeling of actually being in the story and doing everything the characters did, and feeling EVERYTHING Cam felt, yeah that was the feeling I had throughout the entire book!  Never once did it lose my full attention...or any of my attention!  I just wanted more and more, and then when it ended I wanted to go back.  Liz and Macey I didn't mind in the book.  I think they did their best to welcome back Cam even though they were mad at her, unlike Bex and Zach, I was so pissed with them.  *whew calm down self* I love Aunt Abby she is definitely the aunt that everyone would love to have! haha!  Rachel was also better in this book than the others I thought.  But sometime I do feel sorry for Cam that her mom has to hide stuff from her.  Joe, well I'm still confused how is relationships are going to work out with everyone in the last book.  I think he has a very special place in everyone' hearts.  My favorite parts of this book was the ending when Cam was going to jump off the building and Dr. Steve told her who he was and all.  I also really LOVED the part in the bathroom where she was throwing things at the mirror because she hated the girl she saw.  It was so real.  Not in the way that if felt like it was actually happening but a real as in it showed the real struggle Cam was going through.  It was what I felt like doing the whole book and really wanted Cam to do it!  And then she did and made up with her best friends, so see how throwing stuff at the mirror helps?  And I LOVED the part in the P&E barn when she is crying and Zach is there for her and then she falls asleep with him and she wakes up and remembering that night to be a blur of sadness and Zach just tells her to o back to sleep.  He didn't leave her in the night he just stayed with her, which was so sweet cause most books the guy leaves.  And she asks him where he went to look for her when she went missing and he replies "Crazy.  I went crazy." IT WAS SO CUTE!  Ok now I'm done.  Byeee!  haha!


Ok I understand these weren't really reviews and more of me just fangirling!  But hey the books are perfect, so there isn't much I can review! 



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