Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cheyanne Young POWERED


Maci Might's sixteenth birthday is supposed to be the day she's awarded Hero status. But thanks to a tiny anger problem and a questionable family tree, King City's elders think it's best if she doesn't join the Hero ranks. Determined to change their minds, Maci will break whatever rule it takes to prove she's Hero material. As her hair darkens and her anger grows, everyone turns against her except Evan; a childhood friend turned scientist who may be able to unlock the secrets hidden in her DNA.

When a villain attacks King City and her dad is held prisoner, Maci discovers a truth she refuses to believe. She may not be a Hero after all—but this time the Heroes of King City need her more than she needs them. And she won't let them down.

Release date: November 28th 2013
Publisher: 336Love
Cover Reveal: October 2nd

I can't wait for this book!  It sounds SOOOO good!  Also, Cheyanne is an AMAZING writer and she lives in Texas which just makes her all the more awesome!  Make sure to add Powered to your Goodreads shelf, and follow her on twitter! 

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