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How did you come up with the plot for Tomorrow?
It started with me being curious what would happen to Freya and Garren after where I left them in Yesterday, which was inspired by the climate changes we’ve already started to face due to our own stubbornness in not wanting to change. I was sure that forces from the future – the U.N.A. security people who have been hunting Garren and Freya while trying to change the past - would still have a presence in their lives. But what really drove the plot was the idea that maybe yet other groups from the future could also be attempting to influence the future in various ways. And I wanted to know what happened to United North America in 2063 after the virus that Garren and Freya escaped so there’s info about that in this book too.
Who was your favorite character to write?
While I loved writing from Freya’s point of view in Yesterday switching to Garren’s for Tomorrow was refreshingly fun – both for his strengths and weaknesses. I love how strong and determined he is in trying to find Freya, for instance, yet he picked up a cigarette habit after being sent back to the 80s and hasn’t been able to lick it. It’s driving him crazy!
Do any of the characters resemble you?
Only in tiny aspects really, like their musical tastes. Like Freya I love The Smiths, The Cure and Depeche Mode and like Garren I like Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young. But I only wish I were as brave and determined as Freya and Garren are!
What inspired you to write?  And what inspired you to write your books?
I started writing and drawing my own little picture books when I was seven so it’s been something that I’ve always done. But it was the TV series Party of Five that inspired me to write about young people. As soon as I started writing YA it felt completely right. Since then most of the ideas that really take hold in me tend to be about characters between the ages of twelve and twenty-one. I think there are so many challenges during this time, so much growing that we all do. Yet we don’t have the tools to deal with situations that we would later in live. Those years can contain such wonderful times but can be such a struggle. 
What is your favorite pastime? 
Aside from the writing, which takes up a huge amount of time because I’m pretty slow, I do a ton of reading too. And I love movies (my degree is in film studies). I also enjoy doing computer design stuff for my books. I redid my website for the Tomorrow launch and had so much fun designing the Tomorrow cover.
If you could give any advice to your fans, what would it be? 
We’re in a fight for the future right now. Scientists have pinpointed 2047 as the year when world climate will change permanently. But some places are going to become what’s been describe as permanently “off-the-charts hot” sooner. Kingston, Jamaica in a decade, Singapore in 2028 and Phoenix in 2043. We all need to be doing everything we can in helping to slow and minimize climate change including becoming activists and voting for political parties who will help us do what’s right for the planet.   
Tomorrow was an awesome book that I thoroughly enjoyed!  The whole plot in the book was well thought of, and full of surprises.  Reading Tomorrow, definitely made me want to read CK Kelly's other novel: Yesterday.  I would suggest those that are ages 15 or above should try this novel!  :D

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