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Interview with Cheyanne
What inspired you to write a book about super heroes and villains?
This story is kind of boring…I was at home sick one day and ended up catching a marathon of all 3 Spiderman movies. By the end of it, I had decided I would write a story about a girl super hero. It took me a couple of years to write it though; I had always considered myself a contemporary author so I was a little scared of fantasy.
How did you come up with your version of heroes and villains?
I wanted a race of super humans instead of the usual human-who-gets-powers story. I really liked the idea of villains having a genetic disposition to turn evil, and thought it would be even better if my main character had this problem.
How did you go about writing the main character?
I had to have a lot of mental chats with Maci before I could write her.  Maci can be a bit stubborn (which anyone who’s read the book will know, haha) and when I wanted to write her story in a way she didn’t like, she’d get pissed and refuse to tell me what really happened. Eventually we got on the same page, and I had a lot of fun writing her.
Do any of the characters resemble you, or people you’ve had in your life?
I’m proud of myself with this book because I didn’t use any inspiration from people in real life with these characters. But I will say that Crimson is the sort of person I’d love to be. ;-)
Who are your favorite hero and villain (not from your book)?
My favorite villain is The Governor from The Walking Dead. He’s terrifying and insane and that’s a perfect combination for a bad guy. My favorite heroes are a tie between Batman, Harry Potter and Katness Everdeen.
If you were a super hero or villain what would your power be?
If I’m a Hero I’d want the ability to fly. If I’m a villain, I’d want super strength and the ability to manipulate people (either physically or mentally) into doing what I want them to.
What is your favorite past time?
The busier my life gets, the more I appreciate a good nap. I also love Zumba dance fitness classes. Don’t let this trick you into thinking I’m a good dancer. I’m not.
If you could give any advice to your fans what would it be? 
Do what you like to do because you like to do it, not because you think you have to. Don’t compare yourself to others because their journey is not yours. And always: be nice to everyone. It just makes your life a whole lot better.
Have you ever considered the name Bex for a book?…....Cause you totally should ;)
Consider it done! (Look for it in Powered book 2) :-D
Powered was AWESOME!  Going into it I started off a bit slow.  But once all the real action started I couldn't put it down!  I definitely fell in love with the main character Maci.  Probably because of all the similarities there are between me and her.  We are both stubborn, we both are control freaks, if something doesn't go our way we get angry and maybe a little bit violent, and we don't open up to people very good....oh and neither of us particularly like to cry and be seen as weak.  So some people may not like Maci very much.  I could see why.  The supers world is one that I've never been to before!  It was definitely fresh from all the genres that are getting thrown around today.  It brilliantly thought up and executed.  It was funny (like dude seriously I totally LOLed for sure)!  ;)  Even is a hotty.  Kind of how I imagine my BF.  Doesn't put up with my attitude (because Even didn't put up with Maci).  And he fought back.  But he was also much more mature.  Powered was a fun read and I'm SUPER (Hahaha get it?) excited for the next one!  It's been on my mind since I finished the first.  I can't wait to see what Cheyanne brings!  ;) 
I RATE THIS BOOK:  4/5 cups of coffee!  Now go get a copy. 

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