Thursday, December 5, 2013

Shout out!

I would like to take a moment and THANK all the amazing authors that have inspired me through their stories and emails.  Since I started my blog in July I have talked to so many authors and they have reached out to me.  It’s been such a blessing over the many months to email and meet all the wonderful, inspiring, joyful, authors that I have.  I can’t thank you ENOUGH for the time you have spent on me: your HUGE fan and blogger!  I wish in many ways that I could repay you, but know that I could never fully do so.  As you have all taken part in making me the person I am today with your books and your words that speak to me in so many ways.  You have no idea how much you all truly mean to me! 


In particular I would like to thank these specific authors:

Victoria Scott

Polly Holyoke

Natalie Richards

Jennifer Sadera

Bridget Ladd

Mary Gray

Hafsah Laziaf

All of these talented authors have taken a huge role in my blogging.   Giving me awesome advice and taking the time to answer all my MANY questions to make great posts!  These authors have devoted lots of their time to their fans and it means so much to me!  They have all inspired me in different ways.  Some of them even help me reach my goals today, and they don’t even realize it!  I hope that they see this post and it will put a smile on their faces! 

I was having a pretty bad day today at school.  First, I got told that a few of my friends were leaving school and not coming back.  My back has been giving me LOTS of trouble and I could barely dance today in class!  Then, we had to leave school early because of the ice storm!  …..Well I’m still trying to decide if I was happy about that or not.  Lastly, I haven’t been sleeping well, so I’ve been tremendously tired!  

Now, you may be wondering why I’m mentioning this.  I am saying this because when I got home from school….. I saw on my phone that I had some emails.  So proceeding to check them like my usual routine after getting home from a long day at school, I opened the app and saw that I had emails from a few of the authors!  Jennifer Sadera, Victoria Scott, Natalie Richards, and Bridget Ladd  had all emailed me.  I can’t tell you enough how much these emails lifted my spirits!  I was almost in tears with happiness at what was written for me in those emails!  I’m now having a great end to my day thanks to them!  I love them all so much and can’t thank you enough!   

Thank you to all!



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