Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Susanna Carr 'A Deal Benefits' Blog Tour

A Deal with Benefits is a wonderful love story when you look deeper into the book.  It’s a well written story about love, but what I feel most important, the struggles that come with relationships.  Both characters have their own problems and their own pasts that keep them from committing.  From start to finish we are taken through the journey and minds of both characters.  I really loved that the author wrote the book in Ashley’s and Sebastian’s POV.  It gives the reader the chance to understand what’s going through both characters heads and what I liked best: knowing what both characters are ACTUALLY feeling for each other though they may not say it. 

Now I need to blow out some steam.  All guys out there, who are reading this, pay close attention.  We girls may tell you that we know EVERYTHING, we girls will make you think we know EXACTLY what everyone is thinking, we will act like we know what everyone thinks, because that’s just how we are.  But I’m going to let you in on a secret.  WE REALLY DON’T!  And if only you knew how hard it truly is for me to say that!  I’m very stubborn, I like to believe I’m right and I know all.  But the truth is girls only know about 95% of everything.  The 5% we don’t know is how you guys think of us.  So I BEG you!  Tell the girl how you feel!  What you think of her!  If you love her, you NEED to tell her!  If you don’t love her, still tell her.  Just make sure there aren’t any weapons or anything that can be used as a weapon around.  I am telling you this, because it will save y’all from a lot.  Also, it’s really hard as a crazy romantic to know what a boy is thinking, hurt the girl, make me go through a whole bunch of crap and pain, and then tell her what you think.  After you’ve almost lost her.  So please, I’m begging you.  Just let us know what’s going through your head.  Sincerely, A Deal with Benefits almost killed me. 

The book was great!  I could definitely see it being one of those romance movies like The Notebook. 


I rate it:  3/5 Coffee Cups. 

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