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Review of Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott

First, I’d just like to take a moment and talk about how much I LOVE Victoria Scott!  Not only does she write about AMAZING adventures and sexy guys, but she’s absolutely adorable, really funny, and incredibly sweet!  I love chatting with her and seeing her at book events!  She’s honestly one of my favorite authors, her books are awesome, and she’s always my Woman Crush Wednesday ;)  Love you Tori!  >.<
I got Fire and Flood in the mail a week before Christmas!  I would like to thank Scholastics for that awesome, early Christmas present!  But with all the Christmas fun going on, I didn’t get to read it until after the holidays. 

Fire and Flood is BRILLIANT!  I definitely recommend it to all!  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved all the characters!  It’s very rare for me to like all the characters in a book; usually I have an attitude problem with at least one of them!  And my friends occasionally have to remind me it’s a fictional person, no need to be so angry at them!  Haha!  But I don’t think I can say a bad thing about any of the characters in Fire and Flood.  The main character, Tella, was really funny.  Halfway through the book I realized that I thought her to be so funny because she thinks just like me!  Really, though.  It was really funny and all the jokes were relatable which just made it even funnier.  I don’t think Tella is a hard character to get into.  She’s pretty easy going, and like most teenage girls.  I loved that throughout the book her character stayed the same, personality wise.  I think authors change their main characters personality to more of a “hero” role in these types of books.  The problem with that is, it’s either very unlikely that the character they originally started with has the ability to play “hero”, or it’s unpractical and unrealistic.  But Tella’s character did not undergo that major change, and she stayed the cute, funny, teenage girl that she is.  I mention quite a lot in my reviews how I’m not an easy person to surprise!  When an author succeeds at surprising me, they deserve great praise!  I was completely taken by surprise with Harper, the fearless leader!  *Applause to Tori* I loved that Harper’s character was a foil to Tella.  Harper is a hard competitor, a badass chick, and gorgeous all at the same time!  I might be completely wrong here, but I think Harper played a vital role in Tella finding out who she is in the Brimstone Bleed.  Again, applause to Tori on shocking me with Harper at the end!  Thought it was perfect, and I honestly don’t know how I hadn’t already seen it!  Guy is the sexiest thing since Tobias in Divergent.  At first I wasn’t sure about Guy.  Having his point of view *hint to Tori* might have helped the process of liking him go faster.  I think he’s a big teddy bear, though.  He’s quiet, fierce, strong, big, and I wanted to cuddle with him when I was reading.  Unfortunately Tella got the place of cuddling with him.  That my friend is one of the reasons I live precariously through book characters.  ‘Cause the girl always gets to cuddle with sexy.  I’m not going to lie when I say I was also surprise with Titus.  I honestly liked him up until I realized his character wasn’t going to end the way I thought.  Then, I quickly switched teams and acted like I hated him the whole time.  ;) hahaha Just Kidding.  But I was pretty ashamed that I liked him for even the shortest time!  Later in the book he really pissed me off.  I almost shoved him off a cliff.  8///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 32   }and this my friends is what my cat thought!  He felt compelled to add his review of the book right there.  -_- He gives it 32 stars though!  He is very hard to please, so again *applauds Tori* on her talent! 

Back to my review…..

Braun is also a really cool guy!  Total team Braun!  He’s so sweet I just wanna give him a big hug!  *hugs Braun* Again, loved ALL the characters!  Wouldn’t change a thing about them!  I loved them all so much I don’t think I can even pick a favorite! 

My favorite part of the novel was the letter Tella receives after the first round of the Brimstone Bleed, from her brother!  I started to cry and almost couldn’t take it!  I nearly skipped that part in the book, but pulled myself together and braved through it.  It was so touching, and the way Tori connected the reader to the characters made it even worse!  I felt like it was my own my brother!  Also, any personal experience with someone close to you passing away from disease makes it even sadder.  Unfortunately I have been through that ugly experience and so it really touched base with me when reading Fire and Flood.  Again, I have to applaud Victoria Scott on the amazing job she did.  The letter was so sweet and I think it’s going to get to a lot of readers.  Only a truly talented writer can make me cry that hard over something like that. 

 My least favorite part of the book was when Tella found Dink in his animalistic state.  It was thoroughly detailed and absolutely disgusting.  I’m not saying it was bad writing, or should have been left out!  In fact, it was GENIUS and well written.  So well written, that I almost threw up.  It was my least favorite part BECAUSE it almost made me throw up!  Haha!  It is the author’s job to paint a picture in your head as if you are really there.  If the author succeeds, they have done their job well.  Of course Tori, who never fails to do a good job, brought me into the book and didn’t let me out, not even at that part.  Although it was my least favorite part, it was still amazing.  I’m all for realistic, and what-would-really-happen-in-that-situation.  Fire and Flood followed through with being realistic and convincing. 

I know some people will disagree with what I’m about to say, but it’s my honest to god opinion.  I think Fire and Flood is better than The Hunger Games.  Plot, conflict, characters, setting, and writing, was all better in Fire and Flood than in The Hunger Games.

I’m SUPER excited for the rest of the series and CAN’T FREAKING WAIT for what Tori brings next!  I’m also super excited for The Warrior, the last book in the Dante Walker trilogy!  Hope you approve of my review Tori, and I will see you at the Fire and Flood book launch! 

5/5 star rating. 


P.S. Y’all be jealous!  Tori says my Pandora is a White Tiger!  :D


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